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If you are looking to add some excitement to your bachelor party, birthday party or any type of party you are in the right place.  You can add strippers to anything and make it better.


Bachelor Party + Stripper = Bachelor Party Stripper!

Birthday Party + Stripper = Birthday Party Stripper!

Retirement Party + Stripper = Retirement Party Stripper!

Christmas Party + Strippers = Christmas Party Strippers!

New Years Party + Strippers = New Years Party Strippers!

Ski Trip + Strippers = Ski Trip Strippers!

March Madness + Strippers = March Madness Strippers!

Easter + Strippers = Easter Strippers!

Mothers Day + Strippers = Mothers Day Strippers!

Cinco de Mayo + Strippers = Cino de Mayo Strippers!

Fathers Day + Strippers = Fathers Day Strippers!

2014 Sochi Olympics + Strippers = Olympic Strippers!

Cub Scout Meeting + Stripper = Cub Scout Meeting Stripper! (just kidding)



 Strippers Accept Cash, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Bit Coin.




Stuck going to a boring party?  Think there’s nothing you can do?  You’re sooooo stupid!  Finally there’s an elegant solution to fixing a boring party, Malevolence Entertainment Strippers!  Do you like blondes, brunettes, redheads, busty girls, skinny girls, fat girls or an in-between?  We’ve got you covered. One call gets it all, one click gets it quick.



These Jerks Stole Our Business Plan.




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Malevolence Entertainment provides a different experience than you can expect with our competition (by different we mean better!);

When you book a show with us there are no “surprises.”  You want to see the dancer before she / he arrives at your party, with us you will.  Some of our dancers are not shown on our website for personal reasons, in those cases we can e-mail you a picture.

You can pay for the shows with cash, credit card or a combination of both.  If you’re at the show and run out of cash, you can pay for lap dances with a credit card.

We don’t charge by the hour.  When you book a show with us it is booked for a minimum of 30 minutes or 1 hour, that means we will stay for at least that amount of time.  As long as the dancers are making money and everyone is having fun, we can stay forever.



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Life of the Party

Aug 13, 2016 by Chad
Dancer(s): Nikki, Abby, Alana 

I paid for 2 girls for 1 hour... I got 3 girls for 3 hours!

As long as we kept tipping them, they kept dancing! The upstairs shower was put to good use along with the hot tub. Even the girls at our party loved the strippers! Highly recommended!

Taylor, Diamond, Lexi, Amber

Jun 03, 2016 by Rob M.
Dancer(s): Taylor, Dimond,Lexi, Amber 

You girls Rocked! What a show! Where to start? Never heard of strippers arriving on time! The girl on girl.....my crew went nuts! Jay thanks for the help on selecting the perfect girls, we already booked with you guys for my cousins bachalor party next month! Thanks again....

Natasha, Taylor

May 08, 2016 by Kevin
Dancer(s): Natasha, Taylor 

Holy smokes! Didnt know you could do that with a cigar! Great show!!! Taylor was awesome she made all of us want to book a show again next week! You will be hearing from us soon.
Thanks again!

Vanessa, Taylor

Apr 27, 2016 by Mike
Dancer(s): Vanessa, Taylor 

Straight up awesome! Taylor thanks for letting me eat skittlies out of your ass crack! Taste the rainbow (private joke) You know we are happy when we order up round two on Sunday! yes its the Snow crew....thanks guys see you next yr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diamond, Lexi

Apr 06, 2016 by Scott
Dancer(s): Dimond/Lexi 

Shine on you crazy Dimond....Dimond was so sexy and sweet....Thanks for the last minute save when******** blew us off and pulled a no show..you really saved my ass,We will use your company in July for our next event.
See you then!

Demi, Brianna, Carlotta, Mandy

Mar 05, 2016 by Dan P.
Dancer(s): Demi, Brianna Beach, Carlotta, Mandy Sky 

We've been using another company for the past 6 years with great results, but this year ****** didn't call me back within a few days so I figured it was time to call someone else. After talking to Tom for a few minutes I decided to take the plunge. What a huge difference. We all agreed that these girls did a much better job than we had been getting for the past few years. And Tom gave us 4 girls for the price we usually paid for 2 strippers with *****, win - win! Thanks Tom.

Response: Thanks Dan, Tom is the man. If we ever start to get sloppy like the last company hit me up on my cell and I\'ll do whatever it takes to impress you.


Mar 01, 2016 by Don
Dancer(s): KC 

KC was great at our bachelor party. She arrived a little late, but stayed way longer than we booked, so it was well worth it. She had a ton of fun games, so it wasn't just the usual strip club stuff and we didn't even miss not ordering a second girl. Thanks.

Demi, Brianna

Feb 23, 2016 by Adam B.
Dancer(s): Demi, Brianna 

Great show. Great time. Thank you for helping pull off a great bachelor party.

Mandy, Demi

Feb 04, 2016 by Big Dave
Dancer(s): Mandy Sky, Demi 

Great job! The strippers did a bonzer job. Our mates had a great time and we've already been talking about having fake bachelor parties just to be able to order more strippers.

Christmas Party

Dec 20, 2015 by Don
Dancer(s): Brandi, Alana 

Brandi and Alana put on an awesome show for the company christmas party. I think we all spent our entire bonuses but it was well worth it.

Malevolence Entertainment 888-253-0957 , USA 5.0 5.0 19 19 I paid for 2 girls for 1 hour... I got 3 girls for 3 hours!As long as we kept tipping them, they kept dancing! The upstairs shower was put to good use along with the hot tub. E

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