, by: Jayn Malevolent

Full-Nude-Stripper-Vanessa  Bachelor-Party-Stripper-Vanessa  Exotic-Dancer-Vanessa Full-Nude-Stripper-Vanessa  Bachelor-Party-Stripper-Vanessa  Exotic-Dancer-Vanessa


Vanessa works as a Bachelor Party Stripper with Malevolence Entertainment.


You can find my page:
Malevolence Entertainment – Vanessa.


I love dancing at any type of party, especially as a Bachelor Party Stripper.


My Stats –

Bra size: 32c

Height: 5’4”

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Favorite Stripper Game: Chinese Water Torture

Favorite Sex Toy: The Rabbit

Favorite Car: Camero

Favorite Music to Dance to: Rock

Favorite Music to Bang to: Rock

Favorite TV Show: Fringe

How Long Have You Been A Dancer: 4 years

Going to School / What for: No

Stripper Partner(s): Lexi, Taylor.




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