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What are the prices for a Stripper?

Please Reserve Online and do not call for prices numerous times. If you reserve online we can give you an accurate quote based off your location.

What are the prices for Entertainment other than Strippers?

Please call for prices. However, be prepared when you call us with date, time, address, two contact phone numbers, dancer type, and costume. Please do not call numerous times between you and your friends.

How far in advanced should I reserve a Party Stripper?

We reserve on a first come first serve basis. I would recommend you reserve in advanced to guarantee yourself the performer of choice and time slot. Most customers typically reserve 1-2 weeks in advanced.

Does the Exotic Dancer bring music?

Yes, the exotic dancer brings the music along with a boom box. There is no need for the customer to provide music. If your party has a DJ (would be great to have our DJ), the exotic dancer will give you the music when you meet the dancer outside and you will give it to the DJ or take the exotic dancers boom box inside.

When do I pay the stripper?

You pay the dancer cash upon arrival.

Will the stripper call?

The strippers will not go to your event if you do not answer the phone prior to arrival. The dancer will call 30-60 minutes prior to the dancer’s arrival time and the dancer will call again upon arrival. Reasons the dancer doesn’t call earlier are as follows. First, the dancer always calls on their way to your event to confirm that you are there and OK before they drive to your location. Second, when the dancer calls you in route to your event, you will elaborate over all role play and details. These details would not be remembered if this were done a day before.

Why doesn’t someone answer the phone all the time & when will they call me back after I reserve online?

Many of us have busy schedules. Rather than playing phone tag over and over, we recommend reserving online. This process will actually expedite your event booking. Plus, by booking online we can email or call you back to confirm and go over prices.

How much should I tip?

This is up to the customer. If I am going to a Stripper Party I generally budget $120 to blow on tips. However some people will be unemployed and only bring a little cash, and some people will fall in love and blow through $800.

Does the stripper arrive in costume?

No, they arrive dressed like normal people. They need a bathroom or bathroom to transform into a stripper.

Will the dancer be classy?

Yes, the dancers are not classless, they are professional and will entertain accordingly.

What does the dancer do?

The dancer does the role play of the costume of choice that the dancer will discuss with you prior to party, the dancer performs by entertaining the party in a classy way, the dancer does not do any sexual favors.

My party is in a hotel, when do I give you the room number?

Whenever you check in is fine. We can still make a reservation a few weeks out without a hotel room number.

Will the stripper perform outside?

Yes, if weather permits and the dancer does not mind. Most dancers don’t mind. Just keep in mind, she may smell like deep woods off instead of majic.

Will the exotic dancer perform around children?


Why are some strippers more money?

Big difference between a Mercedes vs a Kia. Some dancers are much better performers in direct competition versus other dancers in large shows. These better dancers make more money at our shows and require some motivation to leave a show to do a party. Some Strippers are also porn stars who command more money.

How do I reserve a stripper for my party?

Call or go to the contacts page and simply fill out the form. I need a phone number, day, time of event, address-city-zip code and dancer choice.

Will the dancer perform for my 90 year old grandmother or grandfather?


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