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We Accept Payment For Strippers In: Cash, Credit Card, Bit Coin, Apple Pay, Bits Of String, Google Wallet, Pay Pal.


Pay For Your Bachelor Party Strippers





After you’ve picked the type of show and the exotic dancer(s) you want give us a call with a 20% deposit. All shows require a deposit to lock in the reservation. If the show is for a last minute party, within 24 hours, more than 20% may be required.





Strippers Accept Apple Pay





Once we arrive at the party you pay for the balance of the show. Once the party gets going and you find yourself wanting more cash we can put the show fee on a credit card and give you back your cash.

We can also accept tips on credit card. For a credit card tip there is a 10% fee, ie $110 gives you $100 to tip your exotic dancer. There is a minimum charge of $110 to tip with a credit card.





Fuck Bitches Get Money





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